About Us

New Varieties Development and Management Corp.

NVDMC supports new variety development research in Florida to provide Florida citrus growers unique and high value varieties for fresh and processed uses. NVDMC also serves as the licensing agent for domestic and international public and private varieties, providing growers and nurseries access to proprietary fresh fruit varieties, while also introducing citrus varieties for commercial growers to trial through the FAST TRACK program with the University of Florida and early evaluation opportunities with selections developed by the USDA Agricultural Research Service.



To provide financial and strategic support to Florida’s in-state breeding programs

New varieties

Identify promising citrus selections for Florida producers and introduce new varieties

Affordable and Accessible

Provide timely and affordable access to proprietary citrus varieties


NVDMC was formed in 2005 as a cooperative industry effort to provide Florida growers timely and affordable access to new citrus varieties. Now, NVDMC seeks and acquires new citrus varieties on behalf of Florida growers, but still relies on growers to search for naturally occurring varietal improvements in local groves.

NVDMC expanded in 2006 and is now a 12-member board appointed by in-state citrus associations and funded through a contract with the Florida Department of Citrus.

Varieties for today

Many of today’s new citrus varieties are the product of complex citrus improvement projects.

Varieties are bred for a number of reasons: to combat pests and diseases, for taste and seed count, for harvest quality and yield, and for profitability. Consequently, many of these varieties are considered intellectual property, and as such, are protected by patents, trademark programs or licensing agreements. 

Board of Directors

The NVDMC Board of Directors works closely with citrus growers and organizations to understand the evolving needs of the Florida citrus industry. The board works to provide unique citrus varieties that increase the desired traits needed for long-term sustainability in citrus production. Additionally, the Processed Orange Advisory Board advises the NVDMC Board and other appropriate entities on issues specific to oranges primarily intended for processing.

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