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NVDMC works to provide Florida citrus growers timely and affordable access to new citrus varieties to keep growers on the cutting edge.

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Our mission is to build a foundation of traits that increases competitiveness for Florida citrus growers in the marketplace.

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  • NEW: Mandalate

    Mandalate is a seedless, easy-to-peel, juicy Mediterranean mandarin.

  • 914

    The 914 is a grapefruit-sized grapefruit/pumelo hybrid with great internal and external color.

  • 950

    950 is clementine-sized easy-peel seedless mandarin from UF.

  • Bingo

    Bingo is a small-sized seedless easy-peel mandarin from UF.

  • Gold Nugget

    Gold Nugget is from the University of CA Riverside.

  • RBB7-34

    RBB7-34 is a navel-like seedless orange/mandarin hybrid with a round shape and vastly superior color.

  • Roe Tangerine

    The Roe Tangerine is very typical of a traditional Florida tangerine in appearance and flavor.

  • Sugar BelleĀ®

    The Sugar BelleĀ® is a unique mandarin hybrid that resembles a Honeybell (Minneola), but trends towards smaller sizes and has better color and flavor.

  • Tango

    The Tango is a low-seeded mandarin that has excellent internal color.

  • UF Glow

    UF Glow is a seedless, easy-peeling early mandarin from UF.

  • U.S. Early Pride

    The U.S. Early Pride Tangerine is a Fallglo mutation developed by USDA-ARS.

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