NVDMC Varieties

Commercially available protected varieties managed by NVDMC


The 914 is a grapefruit size grapefruit/pumelo hybrid with great internal and external color. 914 was introduced through FAST TRACK. It is a UF variety. It has a slightly thicker peel than grapefruit and most fruit have a rosy blush. It’s seedless and generally has higher brix than standard grapefruit and lower acid. To date, HLB performance has resembled standard grapefruit. Nursery and Grower agreements are available.



950 is clementine size easy peel seedless mandarin from UF. It has better average color and flavor than a clementine. 950 was made available through FAST TRACK and is available for licensing. It has a December maturity. This variety may require some horticultural manipulation for fruit-set. Trees perform better than average in the field. It appears to have some HLB tolerance. Trees are quite vigorous. Grower and Nursery agreements are available.


Bingo is a small sized seedless easy peel mandarin from UF.  It matures from mid-October and holds through November. Excellent flavor. Growers have experienced some dieback in Florida, which is under study and evaluation by UF scientists. It was introduced through FAST TRACK and is available for licensing. The original Bingo trees were almost a decade old before testing positive for HLB. Bingo’s long-term performance with HLB is not known, but young trees appear to be doing well in the field.

Gold Nugget

Gold Nugget is from the University of CA Riverside. It is a seedless easy peel mandarin type. Good flavor. NVDMC recommends rootstocks other than Cleo. It matures approx. January – February. Very little is known about this variety and its production habits in Florida. Trees are quite HLB tolerant.


RBB7-34 is a navel-like seedless orange/mandarin hybrid with a round shape and vastly superior color. It has higher brix and higher acid than navel orange and with very good flavor. RBB7-34 is from UF and was introduced through FAST TRACK. HLB performance and cropping is not yet known. Nursery and Grower agreements are available.

Roe Tangerine

The Roe Tangerine is very typical of a traditional Florida tangerine in appearance and flavor. Easy peel. Low seeded (avg. 1.2/fruit). Ripens near Thanksgiving and holds through January. Must be clipped. This is a productive variety when interspersed with Orlando. A product of the W.G. Roe & Sons private breeding program. Once licensed, growers may purchase trees from Rasnake Citrus Nursery in Winter Haven. HLB performance appears to be average of a tangerine type.


Sugar Belle®

The Sugar Belle® is a unique mandarin hybrid that resembles a Honeybell (Minneola), but trends towards smaller sizes and has better color and flavor. It has proven to be quite HLB tolerant in all circumstances. Fruiting is improved with sunlight. Avoid shading out. Fruit typically mature in December, well ahead of Honeybell. Fruit can be low seeded if the trees are isolated. Performs well on all rootstocks except Cleo. Juice is increasingly popular when blended with orange. Nursery, Packer and Grower agreements are available.



The Tango is a low-seeded mandarin that has excellent internal color. The fruit do not degreen so they must achieve maximum color in the field. Growers have sometimes struggled getting reliable orange color on peel. Fruit will mature in December, but have better color is held on tree into January. Trees perform better than average with HLB. They show HLB symptoms but keep cropping. Fruit has good flavor. Nursery and Grower agreements are available.


UF Glow

UF Glow is a seedless, easy-peeling early mandarin from UF. UF Glow is self-fertile and cold tolerant, with a mild flavor. Trees appear to be doing better than average with HLB. Matures mid-October. Quite productive. Nursery and Grower agreements are available.


U.S. Early Pride

The U.S. Early Pride Tangerine is a Fallglo mutation developed by USDA-ARS. The Early Pride resembles the Fallglo tangerine in all ways, except it is very low seeded. Typically matures in October. Fruit is typically on the larger side. It performs about average for tangerines with HLB. Some growers are experiencing fruit drop as a result of HLB, but this remains a popular variety with Florida packers. Nursery and Grower agreements are available.

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