New Varieties Development & Management Corporation (NVDMC)
Sustained Viability
of the Florida citrus grower
Enforcing Protection
by licensure and patents
Building a Foundation
of traits to increase competitiveness

Fresh Fruit Varieties

Commercially available protected varieties managed by the NVDMC

The Sugar Belle® is a unique mandarin hybrid, that resembles a Honeybell (Minneola), but trends towards smaller sizes and has better color and flavor.


The Tango is a low-seeded mandarin that has excellent internal and external color. It has good flavor.


The Early Pride Tangerine is a Fallglo mutation. The Early Pride resembles the Fallglo tangerine in all ways, except it is very low seeded.

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Very typical of a traditional Florida tangerine. Easy peel. Low seeded (avg. 1.2/fruit). Ripens near Thanksgiving and holds through January. Must be clipped.


Easy Peel. Low Seeded (avg. 1.4/fruit). Season is November. Requires gentle handling, but has no known post-harvest issues. Crops heavy with Orlando Tangelo as a pollen source.