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Sugar Belle™

Sugar Belle

The UF-IFAS Sugar Belle™ Mandarin hybrid is available. Florida Foundation Seed Producers, Inc. has issued an exclusive USA license to New Varieties Development & Management Corp. (NVDMC). Interested growers, nurseries and packers should contact NVDMC for more information. Florida Budwood is now available for nurseries. The Sugar Belle™ resembles a Minneola/Honeybell , but matures 4-6 weeks earlier, has superior interior and exterior color and flavor that equals or exceeds the Honeybell. This is not a mild mannered fruit. The flavor is very robust and distinctive. The Sugar Belle™ has performed very well in consumer evaluations, with a strong “likeliness to buy” factor. The trees are very vigorous and require horticultural manipulation to control size and cropping. Fruit can be seedy when grown in mixed blocks or when cross pollinated – but seed count can be greatly reduced through employment of specific horticultural practices. UF-IFAS reports success reducing seed counts to less than 3 per fruit. Florida growers will be glad to know that Sugar Belle™ foliage and fruit show greater tolerance of Alternaria than Minneola, minimizing fungicide applications. Contact NVDMC for license information.


Sugar Belle
















California Tango California Tango

NVDMC holds the exclusive commercial license for the Tango in Florida. The Tango was developed at the University of California Riverside and has been planted extensively in California over the past several years. The Tango is a seedless mandarin that has excellent internal and external color. Flavor is very nice. The seedy predecessor to the Tango has been grown for approx 8 years in Florida – and these mature in early December. It is expected that the Tango will also mature in early December and will hold on the tree for several months. What makes the Tango unique is that it produces a crop very early, and young trees bear high quality marketable fruit – as opposed to the lower quality fruit that is typically associated with young trees. It is expected that the Tango will have a wide production range. Indications are that it will perform well in the Ridge and Flatwoods areas. Trials are underway in the Indian River district, but to date are not conclusive. Fruit set in solid blocks is not yet known.


More information is available about the Tango (including pictures) at the University of California Riverside’s site: Interested growers should contact NVDMC. Budwood is presently being increased. Nurseries will begin taking orders Fall 2011.

Valquarius Sweet Orange

Valquarius Sweet Orange
The Valquarius ‘SF14W-62’ (patent pending) is a new and distinct mid-season sweet orange developed by the citrus breeding program at the University of Florida’s Citrus Research and Education Center (UF-CREC) in Lake Alfred. This new orange was released through UF’s fast track option, a program specifically designed to transition promising new citrus selections to industry faster than previously possible. Varieties released through the Fast Track option have not been evaluated through varied and replicated field trials, but do show significant signs of commercial potential. Unlike other selections that may be released through this system, the first generation Valquarius trees are ten years old.

The Valquarius ‘SF14W-62’ was offered for exclusive license by Florida Foundation Seed Producers Inc. (FFSP). By way of FFSP’s ITN (Invitation to Negotiate) process, New Varieties Development & Management Corp. (NVDMC) was selected as the exclusive domestic licensee. Budwood increase is underway, and growers and nurseries can contact NVDMC for agreements.


Interested growers should contact NVDMC to request a grower agreement. Once signed, growers are eligible to place orders with a licensed citrus nursery of their choice. A one-time Tree fee royalty is paid through the nursery when the trees are delivered. 70% of royalties are channeled directly into the research program.
The Valquarius ‘SF14W-62’ is targeted primary for the processing industry, as it has a significantly earlier fruit maturation (4-6 weeks) than standard Valencia. The Valquarius will provide earlier blending opportunities with Hamlin or Mid-Sweet to improve flavor and color.


Valquarius ‘SF14W-62’ trees are upright, vigorous and have shown a tendency to alternate bearing. The trees are thornier than standard Valencia, but as the thorns are mainly on scaffold branches, and the Valquarius tends to bear more terminal fruit, the impact of the thorns is minimized. As will be true with most fast-track varieties, yield and quality data is limited.  However, first generation Valquarius trees appear to be at least as productive as standard Valencia. Quality data is available upon request.


Early Pride No photo

The Early Pride Tangerine is a Fallglo mutation. The Early Pride resembles the Fallglo tangerine in all ways, except it is very low seeded. Many of the Early Pride Tangerines are completely seedless, but those that have seeds, are four or less. This fruit matures quite early in the season and would be one of the first crops harvested for many packers. The fruit trends towards the large size range.


The USDA Early Pride is available to Florida Growers and nurseries. Contact NVDMC for grower, packer or nursery agreements.


The US Early Pride is soon to be trialed in Texas, Arizona.



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