Processed Orange Advisory Board

Members of this advisory board are appointed by:

Florida Citrus Mutual, Gulf Citrus CGA, Highlands County CGA, Indian River Citrus League and Peace River Valley CGA

The purpose of the Processed Orange Advisory Board is to advise the NVDMC Board and other appropriate entities on issues specific to oranges primarily intended for processing. The Board addresses issues related to release and commercialization, international offerings, intellectual property protection, regulatory and market. The POAB sometimes meets with breeders, the NVDMC Board of Directors, Florida Foundation Seed Producers Inc., UF-IFAS, Florida Department of Citrus, and USDA-ARS. The Board echoes the voice of the Florida processed orange grower in issues related to processed oranges.

Processed Orange Advisory Board

Mr. Dewayne Cliett
Fruit Procurement Manager
Citrosuco North America
5937 Highway 60 East
Lake Wales, FL 33898
Bus: (863) 696-2847
Mobile: (863) 528-4703

Mr. Dave Crumbly
Florida’s Natural Growers
P.O. Box 1111
Lake Wales, FL 33859
Bus: (863) 676-1411

Mr. John Gose
Lykes Bros. Inc.
7 Lykes Road
Lake Placid, FL 33852
Bus: (863) 465-4127

Mr. Ron Hamel
Executive Vice President
Gulf Citrus Growers Association, Inc.
11741 Palm Beach Blvd., Suite 202
Fort Myers, FL 33905
Bus: (293) 690-0281
Mobile: (863) 674-2662

Mr. Ned Hancock
Hancock Citrus, Inc.
P.O. Box 1419
Sebring, FL 33871
Bus: (863) 452-0525
Mobile: (863) 446-2259

Mr. Aaron Himrod
Himrod Citrus Nursery
3688 Himrod Road
Bowling Green, FL 33834
Bus: (863) 375-2246
Mobile: (863) 781-2356

Mr. Perry Hollingsworth
Harplyn, Inc.
P.O. Box 1526
Arcadia, FL 34265
Bus: (863) 491-5845
Mobile: (863) 993-5671

Mr. Lee Jones
General Manager
Gardinier Fruit Citrus
1605 Main Street, Suite 703
Sarasota, FL 34236
Bus: (239) 728-7241

Mr. Ron Mahan
Orange-Co., LP
12010 NE Highway 70
Arcadia, FL 34266
Bus: (863) 494-4939 ext. 306

Ms. Patricia Ouimet, Ph.D.
Citrus R&D Director
Chief Greening Office
1001 13th Avenue East
Bradenton, FL 34208
Mobile: (314) 624-4276

Mr. Ray Royce
Executive Director
Highlands County CGA
6419 US Hwy 27 S.
Sebring, FL 33876
Bus: (863) 385-8091
Mobile: (863) 381-8551

Mr. Joby Sherrod
R&D Manager
Duda Farm Fresh Foods
P.O. Box 788
Labelle, FL 33975
Bus: (863) 675-0545 ext. 3150
Mobile: (863) 673-0994

Mr. Wayne Simmons
LaBelle Fruit Co., LLC
P.O. Box 2166
LaBelle, FL 33975
Bus: (863) 675-6788

Mr. Daniel Skousen
Deseret Farms of Ruskin
13754 Deseret Lane
St. Cloud, FL 34773
Bus: (407) 908-0108

Mr. Jim Snively
Vice President of Citrus Groves
Southern Citrus Gardens Groves, Inc.
1820 County Road 833
Clewiston, FL 33440
Bus: (863) 902-4327
Mobile: (863) 228-0002